Marie de Guise Day

24th November 2019

in conjunction with Women’s History Scotland

We at Previously have taken the entirely executive decision to rebrand our final day as Marie de Guise Day, to celebrate a great daughter of France and queen regent of Scotland, and a woman unafraid to tell Henry VIII to sling his hook when he came a-calling with a marriage proposal. What’s not to love?

Three wonderful events are being presented here, in partnership Women’s History Scotland, and featuring best-selling author and campaigner, Sara Sheridan.

Celebrating Women in Scotland's History

Dr Valerie Wright and Dr Fiona Skillen

How to find and celebrate Scotland’s great women. Not just the elite ladies of courts, titles and wealth, but the ordinary women who made a difference. Women you may have known, those tough women of the tenements, streets and communities who changed their worlds. Rediscover and celebrate these incredible women in our past. In partnership with Women’s History Scotland

French Institute

Tickets £5.00

The New Biographical Dictionary of Scottish Women

editors, New Biographical Dictionary

Editors of The New Biographical Dictionary of Scottish Women, describe how they completely revised the first edition of 2006. The new volume, containing the stories of hundreds of Scottish women from the distant past to the present, has over 180 additional entries on women who lived and died before 2018. The talk will be illustrated with examples of these lives, and will point out resources available for those looking for to get that total even higher…  In partnership with Women’s History Scotland

French Institute

Tickets £10.00

Where are the Women?

Speaker: Sara Sheridan

Best selling author and activist Sara Sheridan has re-drawn the map of Scotland. Imagine Slessor Station in Dundee and statues of suffragettes dominate Glasgow’s George (Victoria?) Square. A woman on a mission, Sara is determined to see Scotland’s women get the recognition they deserve for their achievements. Join her to find out how to re-imagine the very landscape you walk through.  In partnership with Women’s History Scotland

French Institute

Tickets £10.00